Virtual Onboarding

5 Tips To Nail Your Virtual Onboarding Process

It's true, first impressions can be your last impression or can surely create a lasting impact especially when it comes...
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Compensation and Benefits Human Resource

5 Types Of Non-Monetary Rewards To Motivate Your Employees Instantly

Before we begin here are few statistics we should ponder upon: - 65% of employees prefer non-monetary incentives instead of...
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HR Humour Human Resource

5 Best Reactions To What #HR Teams Face In Their Everyday Life

Humour Blog: GIFS: 5 Best Reactions To Things Employees & Candidates Ask & Tell #HR Teams Looking for the funniest...
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Business Human Resource

Here’s how Headsup can help you level up your people strategy

"Human Resources isn't a thing we do. It's the thing that runs our business."  - Steve Wynn, CEO of Wynn...
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Career Virtual Interviews

BEWARE of making these 5 Mistakes while giving a VIRTUAL interview

Virtual interviews are here to stay even in the longer run as recruiters and candidates have started getting comfortable with...
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Employer Branding Human Resource

5 Reasons Why HR Companies In Delhi Consider Employer Branding A Priority For 2021

It's time to leave your old employer branding strategies in 2020 and rebuild your employer brand with the right priorities...
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Human Resource Startups

Are you scaling up your startup? If yes, then you need an HR intervention

Talent, the most underrated resource suddenly comes into focus as startups begin their scale up journey. They need the right...
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Career Human Resource

Are you ready for a 3-2-2 work week?

It's another Monday. 7 AM on the clock. Ria is still sleeping because she doesn't have to leave for work...
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Human Resource Periodic Table

Periodic Table 2.0: Apps That Made Work Easy in 2020

In 2020, when the pandemic hit and the world of work went into lockdown mode, several apps came to the...
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Human Resource New Year Resolutions

5 New Year Resolutions To Enhance Employee Experience in 2021

2020, the year of uncertainty is finally coming to end though we still don't know what's in store for us...
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Employee Engagement

5 Virtual Employees Engagement Ideas For Christmas To Keep Your Team Motivated

We understand that the holiday season doesn't feel the same anymore when the majority of us working remotely while dealing...
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Employee Well Being

Taking care of employees’ mental well-being without burning a hole in the pocket

In the year 2020, health, safety, and well-being became top priorities for organizations across the globe. Large as well as...
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Human Resource Workplace

7 workplace lessons from 2020

2020 has been all about change. Embracing the unexpected and adapting to move in tune with time. As the entire...
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Human Resource

12 Old & NEW leaves To Add To Your Company’s Handbook To Attract Top Talent

Take a look at all types of leaves firms can extend to their employees, common and quirky. Which of these...
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Compensation and Benefits

How Compensation and Benefits in HRM Helps In Employee Retention

Employee retention involves strategic actions to keep employees motivated, focused and engaged resulting in higher productivity and the overall well-being...
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Power of empathy in Leadership during Crisis Time

Work from home and work of home have enveloped our lives completely. The lines between them have been blurred already...
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Human Resource Uncategorized

5 Tips For Managers To Support Their Employees’ Mental Health

2020 has been a roller coaster ride since the very first day. From internet wars to a global pandemic and...
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Employee Engagement

Redefining Employee Engagement During These Unprecedented Times

The term employee engagement took a new meaning this year, from a time where all the fun-filled activities motivated employees...
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Employee Assistance Program

4 Human Resource Compensation & Benefits Your Company Can Offer Post/During The Pandemic

As a result of the pandemic, the majority of organizations have started rebuilding their human resources compensation and benefits packages...
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