Human capital is a constant requirement in any organization. On the flip side, the current job market suffers from an imbalance in labor supply and demand. So, whether you plan to develop a new vertical in your company, want to fill essential positions, or are met by an unexpected vacancy, the war for talent is heating up. To help you stay ahead of the game, we, at Headsup Corporation, offer deft talent acquisition services so that from candidate search to onboarding, you have a strong and smooth strategy via which you fish the best talent.

Recruitment Solution and Selection

  • Talent Acquisition Strategy to make you ever-present on potential candidates’ radar via unique EVP, sourcing and employer branding plans.
  • Position Identification to understand skill and experience requirements as per industry and organization.
  • Job Description Creation that offers complete clarity on the requirements and attracts the best talents with the right skill set.
  • Pre-Screening Interviews so that you get to interview and choose from the best candidates.
  • Reference Checks to offer more candidate information and verification on previous work and education records.

Onboarding and Induction

  • Personalized Onboarding Strategy to initiate a positive employee experience and engagement from the start.
  • Organization Information to offer a comprehensive understanding of the organization, its policies and functions.
  • Team Introduction to make the new employee feel welcome and acquainted with all employees and managers.    
  • Miscellaneous Information Apprising to clear the air on any extra queries like working hours and timings, location, etc.  
  • Induction Process Initiation to give a walk through employee policies and rights, and cover legal and compliance requirements.

Campus Hiring

  • Campus Hiring Strategy offering a step-by-step plan to brew students’ interest and participation in campus recruitment and get the best young talent.
  • Campus Selection via listing targeted premium education institutions specific to your industry and position requirements.
  • Communication and Follow-ups with education institutes to find slots and schedule interviews for freshers’ recruitment and hiring on campus.   
  • Employer Branding to create a stir about your organization and the benefits the students can reap after selection and placement.  
  • Online Platform Identification to maximize target audience engagement and attention boosting campus hiring promotions.

The Headsup Differentiator:

  • Extensive result-driven solutions well-crafted by our experts
  • Open to customizations as per specific client requirements.
  • Solutions cater to both short term and long-term company goals.
  • Flexible and diverse across various levels and industries.

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